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Nathan Dobbs, Dairy Farmer - Te Aroha

"Effluent is worth big money if you can use it"


"Effluent is worth big money if you can use it"

Nathan Dobbs, Dairy Farmer - Te Aroha

Nathan Dobbs runs a 100Ha dairy farm, with 300 cows in Te Aroha.

The farm's previous system was inadequate for what they needed, it wasn't getting the job done, and the farm was at risk of breaching their resource consent if they continued as they were.  So when a Nevada flyer arrived in the mail, Nathan decided to make an enquiry.

A Nevada slurry tanker sounded like exactly what the farm needed, and Nevada were able to put together a good deal, so Nathan was more than happy to press the go button.

“The big thing is we can spread effluent over the whole farm and that is priceless."

Since getting the 8,000L Nevada slurry tanker, Nathan is no longer worried about breaching their resource consent.  The new tanker allows them to spread where and when they want, and it's fast and easy.  The spreading action of the Rainwave™ means the ground is able to soak up the nutrients from the slurry, and they are not getting any ponding or run-off.

"Effluent is worth big money if you can use it to grow grass where you need it. The Nevada tanker has been a great investment”

Nathan Dobbs Farm

Once we get in there and set up, we stir, pump, spread it [effluent], and go.

Murray Young, Helensville
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