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Mark (Manager) & Wayne (Operator), Northland

Effluent Management That's Sweet As!


Effluent Management That's Sweet As!

Mark (Farm Manager) & Wayne (Operator) - Northland

Managed by Mark, with Wayne as his operator, Sweetwaters Farms is a joint venture farming business between Landcorp and local Northland iwi. There are 3 dairy farms, with more than 3000 cows producing a tanker load of milk a day.

The farms were originally set up with large storage ponds, feed pads and solids separation.  However during heavy rainfall, they found the solids separator could not process the effluent fast enough, and the immediate storage area around the feedpad became flooded. So when the mechanical separator on Dairy One reached the end of it's useful life, Landcorp (Pamu Farms) took the opportunity to explore other options. After thorough investigation it was decided to abandon the solids separator and pump all the effluent into the storage pond.

Now the pond is stirred with a Nevada TurboStir 7000 and the effluent is applied using a tractor pump through a Nevada Rainwave™.

Sweetwaters old solids seperator
Sweetwaters Rainwave Spreading

The Rainwave ensures very accurate placement of the effluent, so Sweetwaters were granted special dispensation to apply effluent to the peat area of the farm.

Previous systems have focused on applying effluent through moveable sprinklers to the hill paddocks, however application was uneven and there was considerable labour required to manage them.

Now all the effluent is pumped directly to the pond and is managed from there through the Nevada Rainwave. The removable spools of layflat hose enable the operator to take the effluent almost to 2 kilometres away.

Sweetwaters also recently added the remote diverter, which lets the operator divert the flow from the pump back to the pond while adjusting the hoses. This is done easily at the press of a button on Wayne's cell phone.

'Using the remote diverter this is a one-man operation applying 150 cubic metres an hour… over a million litres a day with no other processing required. Any farmer with a large pond should investigate this option before investing in expensive unnecessary infrastructure or equipment.'

'My Rainwave™ lowers my pond super fast!  it makes better use of my pond nutrients with less mess and odour…why would I choose anything else?’

Dairy Farmer - Rainwave Drag Hose System
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Nevada products are high-quality and trusted by New Zealand farmers for safety and reliability. That is why all Nevada products are supported with a two year warranty, and backed by customer service that is second to none.
Farm Dairy Effluent System Design Accredited
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Nevada are Farm Dairy Effluent System Design Accredited by Irrigation NZ! This means we've been assessed (and passed with flying colours) on our competency and skills in all the important things to provide you with top notch advice - read more here
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