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Luke, Farm Manager - Hamilton

Luke's Effluent Storage Is Sorted

Effluent Storage Sorted

Luke, Farm Manager - Hamilton

Luke manages the farm beside the Hamilton Airport.


They had a good effluent irrigation system in place but there was no storage. During heavy rain events the sump could not cope.

The farm is largely flat and the water table is too high to be able to construct a pond that would capture the effluent from the shed by gravity.

After investigating the possibility of a Kliptank, Tasman Tank, concrete sump, or pond up on the hill, the owners decided on a lined pond.

Now all the effluent is pumped directly to the pond where it is stirred and pumped out through the Nevada pumping system. They don’t need to worry about the sump overflowing now, the transfer pump can shift a lot of water quickly.

Nevada EL920 Pond-Stirrer was selected to stir the new 3 million litre lined pond. The main benefits were the safety of being shore-mounted, and it was powerful enough to stir the whole pond with the efficiency of the Typhoon propeller design.

By using a Nevada PondBoom™ they were able to use their existing pump, which was replaced with a low-speed transfer pump. The PondBoom™ was a great option for them, as it means they can service the pump from the safety of the shore.

Now they can let the pond fill up in the winter-spring period, and make better use of the effluent later in the season when the grass needs it.

For more information or to arrange a site visit phone 0800 464 393

Our Nevada electric pond mixer easily disperses any crust build-up and creates a whirlpool and gets the whole pond moving so the crust can't form again. Our pond is as clear as a lake now.

Cameron Johnston, Taranaki Dairy Farmer
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