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Allan Eichstaedt, Dairy farmer - Taranaki

Faster grass growth and reduced fertiliser costs.


Allan Eichstaedt is a dairy farmer in North Taranaki. His 101ha (plus 25ha run-off) farm holds 230 cows, and is mainly flat terrain.
A recurring problem for him was the need to choose to either spray irrigate, or empty the ponds out - so after careful research, decided to opt for a slurry tanker.

His main criteria for choosing the slurry tanker option was that it enabled him to spread the effluent to all areas of the farm regularly, easily, and quickly - making sure that those nutrients are put back into the ground most effectively.

Previously, Allan was using a contracting company to pump out the ponds once or twice a year, and then a time-consuming and costly spray irrigation system had to be set up to spray the whole farm. The obvious answer to this problem came in the shape of a Nevada MB140-4R slurry tanker. Its tandem axle gives a safe, comfortable ride across all terrains, and its manoueverability makes it a joy to use.

Allan decided to choose his Nevada tanker over other brands because of its practicalility, high-quality design and build, and for its light weight - making it a very capable, reliable and versatile tanker.

Allan has noticed considerable benefits since using his new Nevada tanker - in the drier months, he has the easy option of spreading across the whole farm, boosting grass growth. He has seen a huge increase in grass growth over the whole property, as well as benefitting from a large reduction in fertiliser costs! This, combined with the large capacity tanker - making the time spent spreading greatly reduced, Allan couldn’t be happier - he knows that he chose the ideal option for his farm - a Nevada 14,700 litre Tanker.

“I’m able to spread effluent easily, regularly - even in the drier months. There has been a huge increase in grass growth, and I’ve noticed a large decrease in fertiliser costs. I’m really happy that I chose my Nevada tanker.”

“With the 25ha run-off 6km away, the tanker is excellent for getting fertiliser spread there too.”

Phone Nevada to find out more on: 0800 464 393
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