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Geoff O'Connor, Dairy Farmer - Blackball, Greymouth

From Rivers to Rainbows


From Rivers To Rainbows

Geoff O'Connor, Dairy Farmer - Blackball Greymouth

Located in Blackball, Greymouth, Geoff O’Connor runs a picturesque dairy farm over mostly flat land, with multiple streams and rivers running through. Spread over a large area, the farm includes 3 effluent ponds to make storage and spreading easier.

Having rivers throughout the property of course means extra precautions need to be taken to prevent effluent getting into the waterways.  While spreading, this would mean Geoff was having to be extra vigilant in not getting too close to the rivers, and timing the spreading when wind was minimal to prevent drifting.  This was time consuming, and also meant the pasture was not always getting nutrients when it needed it.  Some areas closer to the river were unable to be fertilised at all.  On top of this, Geoff’s old system was too slow, and simply couldn’t handle the volume of effluent produced.

Fed up, Geoff figured there must be a better way of doing things.  He had seen videos of the Nevada Rainwave Drag Hose System in action online, and decided to give Nevada a call to find out more about it.

‘I was after a good quality, cost effective option.  Something that’s easy for staff to operate and get large quantities spread quickly, evenly and I didn’t want heavy equipment on the paddocks.’

With 3 ponds over the property, the drag hose system is quick and easy to move from pond to pond, and it allows Geoff to spread large volumes of effluent quickly. Along with the 3 point linkage Rainwave spreader and Rovatti TL3-80 pump, Geoff went with 600 metres of hose – enough to cover a circle right around the ponds – a huge advantage.  However one of the biggest advantages of the Rainwave is having better control when spreading.

‘With the new system we’re making better use of the nutrients.  There’s more control, so we’re able to spread when and where we want without worrying about it getting into the rivers.  We’re spreading larger quantities, further, faster and more evenly, which means we only have to go over the paddock once to get all the nutrients down.  It’s saving us a lot of time, and allows us to spread in much larger windows of weather.’

So what’s next for Geoff’s farm?

‘Now we’ve got the spreading sorted, the next thing we’ll be looking at is one of those Nevada stirrers!’

'My Rainwave™ lowers my pond super fast!  it makes better use of my pond nutrients with less mess and odour…why would I choose anything else?’

Dairy Farmer - Rainwave Drag Hose System
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