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Grant Allen, Dairy Farmer - North Taranaki

Grant's Solution To Dropping Effluent Pond Levels Fast


Grant's Solution To Dropping Effluent Pond Levels Fast

On the edge of Waitara, North Taranaki, is where you’ll find Grant’s 300 cow dairy farm. A large free-standing barn is used for in-shed feeding, and approximately 200 cows are milked throughout winter. With high input, comes high output, and Grant was looking for a way to lower his effluent pond level fast - especially in spring and winter when using a slurry tanker was unsuitable.

Being surrounded by lifestyle blocks, it’s particularly important for Grant to have good control over his spreading. His go-to has been a slurry tanker with a dribble bar for spreading, however it can be a little heavy on the ground after wet weather, and a bit slow when the pond needs to be emptied fast. So he contacted Nevada for a solution.

Mike recommended a RainWave drag hose system:

‘It’s a very high capacity, low maintenance system ideal for lowering the pond fast. The RainWave applicator is great for controlling the effluent spread, and it’s a system anyone who can drive a tractor can use.’    

Grant could see the drag hose system as something his staff could get on board with, and was pleased at the affordability of the solution, so he went ahead.  His drag hose system includes the RainWave 3 point linkage applicator, Tramspread TS 1000 reeler, 1000m of layflat hose, and a big Bauer SX1000 pump (the ultimate for farmers and contractors). 

Grant Allan - Nevada Pump Set


So far Grant has been impressed with how fast it pumps, and the even spread.

‘It’s not as exciting as driving the tanker, but a whole lot faster and easier on the body.’

After getting the Bauer pump installed Grant’s worker, Kerry called to say there was a bit of a problem…

‘I can’t seem to get Grant to stop smiling!’


'My Rainwave™ lowers my pond super fast!  it makes better use of my pond nutrients with less mess and odour…why would I choose anything else?’

Dairy Farmer - Rainwave Drag Hose System

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