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Ian & Andrew Bell, Dairy Farmers - Reperoa

Ian Wanted His Pond Swirling

Ian Wanted His Pond Swirling

Ian Bell wanted his effluent pond swirling. So when his first stirrer wasn’t getting the job done he went on the hunt for something better…

Ian and his son Andrew (pictured above) run a 660-700 cow dairy farm in Reperoa, Waikato. At first glance, everything was operating smoothly with the original effluent system that had only recently been installed. Effluent processed through a separation system before flowing into a large 1,000,000 litre lined storage pond, there was an electric stirrer and pump, which pushed effluent out to travelling irrigators…but Ian felt something wasn’t quite right…

The stirrer was just inadequate. It only just dipped into the pond!’

Ian Bell - Nevada 9m Electric Stirrer
Ian Bell - Nevada 9m Electric Stirrer

Ian could see the original stirrer wasn’t able to get the whole pond swirling, and he asked for it to be removed while he went on the hunt for something better. After doing some research he gave Nevada a call.

‘You were the only ones who had one that looked like it would get the whole pond swirling.’

Mike took a trip out to visit Ian and have a look at the current set-up. There was more than enough storage capacity, and the concrete pad was in a good location for the stirrer, he just needed a stirrer that would get the job done!

‘After the last one [stirrer] I had my reservations. Mike recommended a 9m stirrer, and I asked if he’d guarantee it would work. It’s been in there 9 months now, and I won’t be sending this one back! It gets the pond swirling nice.’

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Last yr I did ½ the paddock in effluent and ½ in conventional ferts. The effluent side had a much bigger yield and the cobs were massive. There was a huge difference!

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