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Kerry Cutler, Dairy Farmer - Northland

Kerry’s Found A System That Works!


Kerry’s Found A System That Works!

Kerry’s 500 cow dairy farm in Northland is lush with green pastures…and it doesn’t take him long to get it that way with his Nevada Drag Hose System!

The farm has a large effluent storage pond with enough capacity to collect effluent all year round. This allows Kerry to apply large amounts of effluent when it’s most needed, and at times that fit around other key tasks. He uses a Nevada Turbostir6000 PTO stirrer to keep the pond well mixed before pumping.

We winter milk so effluent is being added to the pond all year round. We only need a few fine days and we can get stuck in and drop the pond level quickly.’

Kerry had tried a few different methods for spreading, but none quite hit the mark.

Everything was too slow. We tried pods and other irrigators but everything was too hard on our hilly farm.’

Kerry Cutler - Rovatti PTO Effluent Pump

Spreading over hills can be a challenge in that the irrigator needs to have stability over uneven ground, but also that the application needs to be council compliant…so it doesn’t result in ponding or run-off. Nevada’s drag hose system is ideal for hilly areas. With the applicator being attached to your tractor you have control and stability, and by using the RainWave™ applicator there is little chance of ponding or run off due to its unique design which allows it to produce larger droplets that are spread in a rain-like pattern that allows the effluent to reach and absorb into the ground.   

Kerry Cutler - Nevada Drag Hose Umbilical Effluent System

As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side, and it turned out the Nevada solution was right under Kerry’s nose…

‘A neighbour bought one [Nevada Drag Hose System] and was thrilled with it.’

Kerry’s new system consists of a Nevada RainWave™ 3pL applicator, Rovatti TL4-100 PTO pump, 600m of heavy duty layflat hose, and a Nevada LRB800 hose reeler. This system has been the ideal solution, giving Kerry the ability to make the most of a few fine days of weather to quickly and easily spread over the entire farm. Being attached to the tractor, hills are no issue, and the RainWave™ provides a fast, even, and accurate application.

 ‘It was the best system I could find for applying a lot of effluent in a short space of time.’

Kerry Cutler - Rovatti PTO Effluent Pump
Kerry Cutler - Nevada Hose Reeler
Kerry Cutler - Nevada Drag Hose Umbilical System

'My Rainwave™ lowers my pond super fast!  it makes better use of my pond nutrients with less mess and odour…why would I choose anything else?’

Dairy Farmer - Rainwave Drag Hose System

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