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Mark Carter, Dairy Farmer - Whakatane

Mark Solved 2x Issues With 1 Slurry Tanker

Mark Solved 2x Issues With 1 Slurry Tanker

Mark Carter Nevada Slurry Tanker

Mark runs two farms over in rural Whakatane, with 210 and 240 cows respectively. Located across the road from each other, each farm has its own milking and effluent storage operations and had previously been spreading to paddocks with irrigators. The issue with both farms is the drains…

‘The drains mean we can only do one run of the irrigator per paddock. The consent conditions are not to discharge within 20 metres of a drain with an irrigator, and not within 10 metres using a slurry tanker. During the winter-spring period we can apply no more than 5mm in depth with the irrigator.’

Not only was council compliance restricting the area available for nutrient spreading but setting up irrigators to only apply a maximum of 5mm for 10,000 litres took up quite a bit of time. Mark’s father, Brian had made enquiries with Nevada when he ran the farm, and Mark had previously hired a Nevada tanker from a contractor so he gave Nevada a call. After a few phone calls and a virtual farm visit on Google, Mike was able to put together a package that would resolve their effluent issues.

‘With the Nevada Rainwave Tanker effluent placement is much more accurate so council have allowed him to go much closer to the drains. Also quicker. It only takes a few minutes to apply with 10,000 litres with the tanker.’

– Michael Prestidge, Nevada Effluent Management Specialist

The solution was simple, and with the two farms just across the road from each other Mark agreed it made sense to get a slurry tanker. Mark bought the Nevada MB100EX Slurry Tanker along with a Nevada TurboStir600 PTO Stirrer with Pond Liner Protection Kit, PTO Pump and Greenback Irrigator. He now gets the best of both worlds by utilising both the slurry tanker and travelling irrigator system.

‘Dad had enquired with Nevada before and knew they were good people. The new 10,000 litre was in stock and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity, so I went for it.’

With his new single axle 10,000L Nevada Slurry Tanker Mark’s now able to spread when he wants and apply nutrients over more pasture without worrying about it getting into drains. He’s set up two auto-fill docking stations, one for each farm so it’s easy to stop, drop and go.

‘It’s easy to stay on top of the effluent now. Being so mobile it’s easy to go to the pond that most needs lowering. It certainly grows grass – you can see where I’ve been!’

Mark Carter Nevada Slurry Tanker

The Nevada stirrer with propeller guard was perfect for our large lined pond. After only 30 minutes, the stirrer had exceeded my expectations and had the whole pond swirling.

Othmar Hebler, Taranaki Dairy Farmer

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