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Keith Benefield, Dairy Farmer - Taranaki

Meeting water discharge standards.

Keith Benefield is a dairy farmer in Taranaki, who runs about 400 cows on his 140ha farm, feeding mainly grass along with some Palm Kernel. His previous effluent system consisted of a two-pond setup with water discharge. It was satisfactory, but would not meet the new water discharge standards. With the amalgamation of two farms, Keith knew he needed to install a new system, which would be future-proofed. “Let’s do it once, and do it right.”

Keith attended a Dairy NZ seminar, and was advised to use a reliable and trusted local supplier - this is where Nevada comes in.

After speaking with other farmers, Keith decided against combined stirrer/pumps that are on the market, so after approaching Nevada and receiving advice about his specific requirements, he decided on two separate products. The Nevada EL915 shore-mounted Electric Stirrer provides all the mixing power he needs with the Typhoon™ propellor, keeping the whole pond moving. The Nevada PB900 PondBoom, as well as providing a safe and reliable solution, allowing for easy on-shore maintenance, guarantees the effluent has the perfect homogenized consistency.

Previously, Keith’s ponds were pumped every two years, but with the Nevada effluent system effluent is now going onto his farm daily, ensuring the maximum nutritional benefit goes back onto his farm, and he knows that his farm meets the water discharge standards.
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