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John and Lisa Mills, Dairy Farmers - Manawatu

Nevada tanker halves time to empty pond

Nevada tanker halves time to empty pond

John and Lisa Mills lease their family farm off John’s semi-retired parents. Because their land is situated on two sides of the road, they’ve always had a tanker. Their old tanker was another brand 7,000 litre tanker. They found it too small and it took too long to empty the pond.

Being a family farm with no staff they needed a tanker that the whole family could use comfortably.

Their main considerations were:

No heavy lifting - John and Lisa have a young family but once the children are at school and Lisa has a bit more time on her hands, they hope to have Lisa drive the tanker and spread the effluent. This is possible because there are no heavy hoses to lift. The Ezi-Fill arm means Lisa can pump the pond and fill the tractor from the tractor seat.

Johns parents work on the farm, even though they’re meant to be semi-retired. Using a Nevada 12,800 litre tanker with Ezi-Fill means no heavy lifting is required.

Save time for the more important things - Because of the large size of the tanker they don’t have to do as many trips. Upgrading from a 7,000 to a 12,800 has split the usual loading time in half.

“It would’ve halved our time that it usually takes to empty our pond.”

Easy on pasture - The 12,800’s tandem axle and the big tyres don’t compress the ground any more. Its actually less than his previous 7,000 litre tanker.

Most effortless and effective way to empty a herd home.  The tanker and stirrer have both exceeded my expectations - it's awesome kit!  Great to have a decent machine that can do everything.

Brendon McErlean, Manawatu Dairy Farmer
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