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Paul Bavin, Dairy Farmer - Nelson Lakes

Paul's Cutting Back On Synthetic Ferts

Paul's Cutting Back On Synthetic Ferts

On the outskirts of Nelson Lakes lies Paul Bavin’s 187ha dairy farm.  Milking 640 cows, Paul pumps the effluent from a sump into an above ground Clip Tank for storage, or out to pasture using his travelling irrigator.  The problem was the underground system could only reach a small area.  Realising the value of effluent nutrients, Paul wanted a way of spreading effluent over the rest of the farm.  After researching his options, he gave Nevada a call to enquire about a tanker…

‘The quality was better than others on the market, and I appreciated the specialist knowledge.’

– Paul Bavin

Paul Bavin - Nevada Slurry Tanker

A Nevada 12,000L slurry tanker was the ideal size to easily spread over the rest of the farm without making too many trips.  An adapter was fitted so the auto-filling arm works easily with his Clip Tank to allow for faster loading, and the RainWave™ means he gets a fast, even spread with minimal wind drift.  

Paul says investing in a slurry tanker has been a really positive decision.  He's now able to make the most of his effluent resource and cut back on his use of synthetic fertilisers. 

‘It's an awesome investment.  We're really pleased with the machine and what it is doing for us.  A big bonus with it is that we can cut back on synthetic ferts.  We're putting on N [synthetic nitrogen] every month - now we're cutting that right back.'

Paul Bavin - Nevada Slurry Tanker

He's also been pleasantly surprised at the performance of the slurry tanker...


'I was expecting the tanker to push me down the hill, but there’s no sloshing.  Those baffles are great, and you hardly feel it behind you. It's surprising how fast it is to load and unload - a very easy job.’

Paul is impressed with the RainWave™ spreading applicator on the tanker…

‘It’s a very even spread and makes for a surprisingly quick operation!’

It's a perfect one farm, one man operation.

Joe Ullenburg, Contractor, Taranaki

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