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Richard Meyer, Dairy Farmer - South Taranaki

Richard Was Determined To Get It Right

Richard Was Determined To Get It Right

Richard Meyer was determined to get it right when it came time to upgrade his effluent management system. He knows all too well the importance of investing in something that is not only going to futureproof the farm, but also increase efficiencies in making use of the effluent nutrients. After taking a keen interest in the effluent management system installed on a friend’s farm, he took their advice and gave Nevada a call…

Located in Manaia, South Taranaki, Richard runs a 170-cow dairy farm spanning 80ha. For a while he had shared a pump and irrigator with his uncle on the neighbouring farm, however the old equipment was inefficient and not worth the effort. So, for the past few years Richard had got a contractor in, however he knew this was not the long-term solution.

Richard Meyer - Electric Slurry Stirrer & PC Pump

‘The contractor was just a short-term solution to get the muck spread. There’s real value in effluent, and I wanted to get a system where we can really make use of the resource and cutting down the operating costs to make it happen.’

When a friend in Stratford got a Nevada system installed, Richard took a keen interest. He liked the simplicity of the operation, and his friend was happy with the system and service, so recommended he give Nevada a call. Lloyd took a drive out to visit Richard on farm and they worked together to plan out his system around his goals of being futureproofed and efficient.

Richard Meyer - Spider Deluxe Travelling Irrigator

While using a contractor Richard had needed two ponds for storage, but after checking the main effluent pond for any council compliance issues, including DESC, Lloyd concluded with a new system the second pond was no longer needed.

‘We always recommend effluent storage being more than the minimum council requirements. This means farmers aren’t worried if there’s a wet winter full of heavy rain, or they increase their herd. Richard’s main pond has more than enough storage, so now he can fill in the second pond and have more land for grazing.’

 – Lloyd Thomas, Nevada Effluent Management Specialist

Lloyd designed the effluent system for maximum efficiency. Since electricity was available, an electric system was ideal for the most effective use of power, and to enable Richard to automate the system – reducing labour. The new effluent management system consists of a Nevada 9m electric pond stirrer and Sabre PC pump leading out to a Spider Deluxe travelling irrigator.

‘The new system is exactly what we were hoping for. It’s simple to operate, we just flick a switch and away it goes, and there’s the auto shut-off function if anything happens. It’s easy to adjust the application too. The product is awesome, and we’ll be recommending Nevada to everyone. We’ve really appreciated working with them, and we’re absolutely happy with the whole design, install – just the whole experience.’

Richard Meyer - Spider Deluxe Travelling Irrigator

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Buying the Nevada tanker would be one of the best farming decisions I ever made.

Gordon Brown, Dairy Farmer & Contractor, Reporoa, Bay of Plenty
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