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Brian Bradley, Dairy Farmer - South Taranaki

The best use of a nutritional honeypot.

Brian Bradley’s farm in South Taranaki runs 750 cows on 200ha. The farm uses a high level of inputs, pushing 2000kg per hectare, including supplement feed. All their farm effluent is scraped and pushed into the pond every day - sometimes twice a day, depending on output. They have a 15,000L flood-wash system which is used every morning. They use their effluent fresh each day to get the most benefit from the nutrients - straight from the cow to the paddock as quickly and easily as possible. Due to the high concentration of solids the farm required an electric mixer with a large stirring capacity to keep the pond active. This is why Brian chose Nevada’s electric shore-mounted pond stirrer (EL720) as it has the efficient mixing performance of the Typhoon™ propeller.

It was an ideal choice for Brian. The pond now runs clear, seven days a week, after only one hour’s mixing per day - giving his farm the most nutritional value, as well as being a very cost-effective solution to an everyday situation.

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