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Lawrence Barrie, Dairy Farmer - Palmerston North

You’re in the tractor seat…you can control it


'You’re in the tractor seat…you can control it'

Lawrence Barrie, Dairy Farmer - Palmerston North

Lawrence runs a 86ha farm just outside of Palmerston North with 190 cows. 

Due to the roads, and being unable to go underground, Lawrence knew the best way for him to spread effluent is using a tanker.  So he’d contacted a few companies to work out who could provide the best system for his farm…he chose Nevada.

With a long and narrow pond, Lawrence needed a shorter stirrer to keep things moving, so the FarmerStir 5000 PTO stirrer was a good solution.  As for spreading, the farm is very flat and prone to being very wet and soft, so this meant he would need a smaller tanker that wouldn’t destroy the pasture.  The Nevada MX60EX was ideal, and although it only holds 6,100 litres per load, the weight is much less making it possible to spread most of the time at up to 9 loads per hour.

Here’s Lawrence’s story..,


Tell us a bit about your farm.  How were you managing effluent before?

We were monthly getting a contractor come in and pump it out [tanker and stirrer].


What made you choose Nevada?

It was the best value.  We were looking for a tanker system because of the roads, we can’t go underground, and Nevada had a system that was going to work for what we needed.

What improvements have you noticed since you got a Nevada?

Less fertiliser coming on, so that’s a major.  You don’t have to buy as much fertiliser.  And when you’re spreading it you get to see what your paddocks are doing, all the pastures.  Sitting in there and driving along you get to see it all.



At a Glance
Farm size86ha
No. of cows190
Feed50 tonne molasses
Pond size600,000 litres
Products purchasedMB60EX Tanker, FarmerStir 5000

Previously the contractor used to bring in a stirrer, have you noticed any difference now you’ve got a Nevada stirrer?

It’s breaking up the solids.  There’s not as much solids in the pond as normal.


What would you say to other farmers looking to improve their effluent management?

Look at your farm.  Work out the system, and then look at all the systems – get the best option for yourself.  A tanker is time management, you’re in the tractor seat…you can control it.  Where an irrigator you switch it on at the beginning of the paddock and worry about it at the end.

Buying the Nevada tanker would be one of the best farming decisions I ever made.

Gordon Brown, Dairy Farmer & Contractor, Reporoa, Bay of Plenty
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