Effluent Bladders 

Bladder tanks specifically designed for effluent storage.

Effluent Bladder Tanks


Nevada effluent bladder tanks are the ideal solution for all kinds of effluent storage needs, with a whopping capacity of up to 2,000,000L! Our bladders are specifically developed for effluent storage. They provide protection from algae, fungal growth and UV deterioration.


Bladder tanks are quick and easy to install, with minimal earthworks required. Our bladders are low maintenance, foldable, transportable, and even earthquake resistant. They're incredibly safe too - with no risk of people falling in. And to top it off, we offer a 10-year warranty to ensure your complete peace of mind.


Being totally enclosed, there’s no external contamination, oxidation, or evaporation - and with gas vents included, you'll experience limited odours too. Plus, Nevada bladders come equipped with multiple mixing valves. You can wave goodbye to crusting issues while increasing your nutrient value!


Don't settle for subpar storage solutions - invest in our Effluent Bladder Tanks today and experience a top-quality product that delivers on all fronts!

Effluent Bladder Tanks



  • No oxidation, external contamination or evaporation
  • Limited smell as tanks are totally enclosed (gas vents included)
  • No crusting on top of effluent
  • Storage capacity up to 2,000,000L
  • Multiple valves to assist with stirring
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Fold-able and transportable
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Safe - no risk of people falling in
  • 10 year warranty*

Why choose an effluent bladder tank?


The demand for effluent bladder tanks has been continuously increasing, and with increased compliance measures, uncertain weather, and safety concerns it’s not hard to see why!


  • Additional Sump Storage - if you have a pumping system with a sump that handles most of the effluent storage, but need additional storage to handle rainy periods, or just to tick the box for council compliance, a bladder tank could be the solution.

  • Retention of Nitrogen Content - Nitrogen is a valuable fertiliser and this is one way to maximise the free stuff you've already got. Effluent stored in bladder tanks is more nutrient rich since it is not getting diluted by rainwater or evaporated into the atmosphere.

  • Reduce Your Workload - if you're in a high rainfall area or have high water tables you'll know the pain of large fluctuations in effluent storage levels due to rain. Of course after heavy rainfall, you can't spread it until the ground dries up, leaving even more effluent to manage. Effluent bladders don't have this problem. Being closed storage the effluent is not getting the rainwater added to it, leaving a lot less to manage.

  • Aesthetics - prefer not to see a big effluent pond when you look out the window? Bladder tanks can often be situated to blend into the landscape, making them less obvious, and they have much less odour.

  • Cost & Tax Advantages - bladder tanks between 300-500mᶾ hit the sweet spot when it comes to value, costing no more than installing a pond while having all the benefits of closed storage. What’s more, tax wise bladder tanks depreciate on your books, so after around 5 years you can write them off.

  • Multi-Location Storage -  got large or multiple farms? Increase your spreading efficiency by storing effluent in multiple locations. Slurry tankers can fill up from each location rather than needing to travel long distances to re-fill the tank and back again to spread around outer paddocks. It also means less disruption to cow flow and other farming operations.

Material & Performance


Nevada's high performance effluent bladder tanks are made from the finest technical fabrics that boast exceptional puncture resistance. Advanced technology allows us to provide superior quality, without compromise. The assembly process involves high frequency welding, ensuring our tanks are certified to ISO 9001 standards, giving you peace of mind that they are built to last.


The bladder's material is fortified with cutting-edge technology that drastically reduces penetration into coated fabrics, preventing any capillarity ruptures from forming. Composite textile membranes are engineered with a PES woven reinforcement that delivers unparalleled dimensional stability and outstanding resistance. Several high-performance polymer layers are added, providing exceptional resistance to stretching and an incredibly low shrinkage rate.


We take pride in our commitment to sustainable and practical storage solutions, ensuring that our bladder tanks meet and exceed your expectations. Experience the difference that our advanced material technology can make with Nevada's effluent bladder tanks.



  • Very high mechanical quality
  • Better resistance to acidic and basic effluents
  • Specific design for flexible tanks
  • Hydrophobic coating for higher durability
  • Outstanding weight / resistance compromise
  • Anti-UV and anti-fungal formulation
  • Resistance to high and low temperatures

Technical Characteristics:

Coating Type



Two-sided varnish






1300g/m2 , ISO 3801

Frame breaking 
strength (warp/weft)

4000/3800N/50mm, NF EN ISO 1421 or DIN 53354

Temperature resistance range

-30/+70°C , EN 1876-2 

*This technical information is for minimum medium values with a tolerance of +/- 10%.

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